The charity organization «Gesture of Support» has been working in Ukraine over five years. Our field of activity is to help people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. We have successfully organized a number of projects for people with various degrees of disability, deaf, blind, orphans, widows, as well as for other socially vulnerable groups. We are currently looking for new partners to achieve our main goal - to help people suffered from the Russian-Ukrainian war. That is why we appeal to you to help us save the lives and health of Ukrainians.

As you know, on February 24, 2022, Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. As a result, millions of Ukrainians became refugees and were forced to flee to various countries around the world, hundreds of thousands lost their property and lost their livelihoods. Hundreds of thousands were injured and killed, including many children and infants, and hundreds died of starvation. These terrible numbers are growing every day and the consequences of the war are becoming more terrible.

In this extremely difficult time, we did not turn away from the grief that came to our country, but on the contrary began to actively help people who have lost all the legacy of their lives, and often their loved ones. That is why we have mobilized all our forces and resources to help people in need..

Our volunteers have been actively removing people from towns and villages under fire since the beginning of the war, that is why the National Social Service of Ukraine (letter dated March 29, 2022 №0000-030102-5 /4700-2022 /3940) (https:// nssu.gov.ua/volonterstvo) entered our public organization in the Register of Volunteer Organizations in Ukraine. We also buy food, personal hygiene products, medicines and, at our own expense, transport them to cities where people are in bomb shelters and cannot afford to buy the necessities of life on their own. Our employees help with finding temporary housing, both in relatively "quiet" areas of western Ukraine and abroad.

You can find more information about our work on the official page of the charity NGO "Gesture of Support": https://gesture.org.ua, as well as on the social network Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GESTUREOFSUPPORT.

However, after a month of active hostilities and a continuous flow of refugees, our resources have been depleted, forcing us to attract the resources of people who care about other people's grief.

Today we need both finances and food, personal hygiene products, mattresses, beds, bed linen, special equipment for the disabled, fuel for transport, transport means for people evacuation and cargo transportation, etc.

Also, if you wish, you can make a SWIFT transfer, the details of which we have posted in the "donations" section: https://gesture.org.ua/donation-accounts.

Remember, he who saves one life saves the whole world!

Ukraine will win and your help brings us closer to this!