Closer to the world of the deaf

border line

It may seem that sign language is universal, but it is not - in fact, it is tied to a territory and is very often based on the sound language of a particular country. In Ukraine, both Ukrainian and Russian sign languages are spoken - they differ in their dactyles. Dictionaries, video tutorials, online courses, and apps have been created for those who want to learn to speak sign language. When you delve into this topic, you realize two things: first, people with hearing impairments are not helpless, and second, it is important to know exactly what your words and gestures mean.

Also, new professions and courses in sign language are appearing at universities. Employees of the NGO "Gesture Of Support" were attracted to study at the university as a sign language interpreter. Studying at the University has already yielded its first results: knowledge of the history of sign language, understanding of people with hearing impairments and their problems. Our employees are sincerely happy for the opportunity to study at the university and receive the necessary training and specialization, which will help them better help people in the future.