Development of a sign language manual

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Ukrainian Sign Language (USL) is a natural visual and gestural language system with its own lexical and grammatical structure that has evolved over time and is used as the only or one of the main means of communication by signers who permanently reside or have lived in Ukraine for a long time.

The teaching of sign language in Ukraine began in the early 1800s, when a number of branches of the Vienna School for the Deaf were opened, namely the Institute for the Deaf in Volyn in Romaniv in 1805, followed by the Lviv School for Deaf Children in 1830. In 1843, a similar school was established in Odesa. The last two schools are still operating today.

Now, volunteers of our public organization have started working on the development of a manual of Christian gestures. The Bible says that people "from every nation, tribe, people and language" will respond to the biblical message of comfort and hope (Revelation 7:9). And among them are undoubtedly those who communicate in sign language. Our Translators are happy to give their time and energy to such an important work.