Recreation for people with special needs

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Summer is a time for relaxation, good mood, good impressions and meetings. And usually everyone is looking forward to summer and planning their free time in advance. Of course, each of us uses this time in our own way.

Active recreation has been taking place in Kovel for eight years now.... They differ from others in that people with different physiological needs come here, in other words, people with disabilities, the deaf, the blind... And young boys and girls who have chosen to help their neighbors as their vacation are in a hurry to help them.

This is a town in the field. A kind of extreme vacation))).

Vacationers and workers spend their leisure time actively: sports, needlework, and most importantly, they get to know God. This is a Christian vacation. And it is called "Unity" because everyone here has gathered with one goal in mind - to spend time as well and efficiently as possible... There are people here who need support...

The most important and valuable thing that every person has is a soul... And it depends on us in what condition it is. And people come to the "Unity" recreation center with different emotional and spiritual experiences. And many employees and vacationers find answers to many questions here. And most of us return home full of hopes, new emotions, new desires and aspirations... We all return home with the hope that we will meet again in a year

Everything we experienced during the several days of rest leaves a bright imprint in the soul of each of us, both vacationers and workers, and everyone contributes to the development of Unity: someone helps physically, someone helps prayerfully, someone helps financially... Every work is valuable before God.

Thanks to the Unity vacation, the list of friends grows every year.... And every year, after the end, we are all waiting for the next one... And we pray that the Lord will continue to be our guide and leader in this work, because it is not in vain in His eyes.