Rehabilitation and recovery center for people with disabilities

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Будинки для реабілітації людей з інвалідністю та ветеранів

Ми раді поділитися з вами захоплюючими новинами про наш останній проєкт - будівництво комплексу для відпочинку та реабілітації, спеціально розробленого для о...

Будинки для реабілітації людей з інвалідністю та ветеранів

We are thrilled to share with you exciting updates about our latest project - the construction of a recreational and rehabilitation complex, specially designed for people with disabilities, our indomitable veterans, and military personnel in need of rehabilitation and rest.

🏞 Our new complex will be a place where possibilities meet needs, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted with love and care. We are nearing the completion of the final decorative and finishing works, and the complex's territory is almost ready to welcome its guests.

🌞 This summer, we plan to open the doors of our complex to those who need rest and support the most. Our goal is to create a space where every visitor can feel peace, support, and rejuvenate their strength.

Join us in this video to see the transformation unfold and learn more about how you too can be a part of this wonderful initiative. Your support and contribution can make a huge difference!

💖 Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project! Together, we are creating a place where help and hope become reality.