Magical Christmas Performance for Deaf Children

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🎄🎁 Magical Christmas Performance for Deaf Children by NGO "Gesture of support" in Volodymyr 🎉✨

Dear friends! We are thrilled to share the enchanting moments from the Christmas performance organized by our NGO "Gesture of support" in the city of Volodymyr (Volyn region). This event was a special gift for deaf children, filled with the charm and joy of the holiday season.

The program featured wonderful performances adapted for our young guests with special needs. Each scene of the play was "spoken" in sign language, allowing the children to fully enjoy the magic of Christmas.

The event also included surprises: generous gifts, sweet treats, and of course, unforgettable emotions and genuine smiles on the children's faces.

It was a day full of warmth and love, a day when every child felt special. We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to the organization of this wonderful celebration!

Let's create more such moments of joy and happiness together! 🌟