We made a special visit to children with disabilities


Today, the team of the Public Organization "Gesture of support" made a special visit to children with disabilities who live on the territory of the Holovnensk settlement council. With warm smiles and kindness in our hearts, we visited these extraordinary children and brought them unforgettable moments of joy.

We did not come to our visits empty-handed. We gave children specially selected gifts that are designed to give them joy and comfort. But the most precious thing we saw was how these children decorated their faces with smiles and joy. They taught us that true wealth is found in the smiles and love we can give each other.

We closely follow the words "Children are the future of the Ukrainian nation", and we firmly believe that no one has the right to deprive children of their childhood. We strive to provide them with warmth, love and faith in their future path.

The visit reminded us of the importance of working together and helping those who need it most. We invite everyone to join us in our mission to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of their health or condition.

NGO "Gesture of support" remains committed to your task and is ready to do everything to ensure that these children always smile and feel less than themselves.