Courses in Ukrainian Sign Language

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The NGO "Gesture of Support" has launched an exceptional and highly significant project in the city of Chervonograd, Lviv region, by organizing courses in Ukrainian Sign Language. This initiative aims to increase the level of accessibility and inclusivity among key Ukrainian state services, specifically targeting employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Police, as well as local government officials and state civil servants.

The Ukrainian Sign Language courses represent an important step towards creating a more inclusive society where every individual, regardless of their physical abilities, can be heard and understood. The significance of this project lies not only in teaching sign language but also in raising awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by people with hearing impairments.

The courses will run from January 31 to March 27, every Wednesday from 10:00 to 16:00, providing participants with deep knowledge and practical skills in using Ukrainian Sign Language. This program is free, making it accessible to all interested parties, thereby encouraging broader public participation and promoting the expansion of inclusive practices in state institutions.

The program is specifically designed for employees of critically important state services, including those working in emergency situations, national security, and local governance. Training such professionals will facilitate more effective communication with citizens who use sign language as their primary means of communication, thereby improving the quality and accessibility of the services provided.

This project is expected to not only increase the level of knowledge and skills in using Ukrainian Sign Language among state civil servants but also significantly improve inclusivity and accessibility of state services for people with hearing disabilities. This, in turn, will contribute to creating a more open, equal, and inclusive society where every individual can feel valued and an integral part of the community.

"Gesture of Support" calls on everyone interested to join these courses and encourages other organizations and institutions to develop similar programs. This is not only a way to learn a new method of communication but also a contribution to creating a more inclusive society where everyone can find understanding and support.

The "Gesture of Support" initiative in Chervonograd will be a significant step towards inclusivity and mutual understanding in Ukrainian society. These courses offer a great opportunity for state civil servants and citizens to amplify their efforts towards creating a more accessible and equitable environment for all.