Visited with gifts for children from vulnerable categories residing in Ratnivshchyna


The public organization "Gesture of support" visited with gifts for children from vulnerable categories residing in Ratnivshchyna. The host, Vadim Dulub, began the meeting with a moment of silence in memory of the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the war.

Deputy Mayor of Ratniv, Serhiy Kovch, extended greetings to those present and wished everyone good health and peaceful skies overhead. He emphasized the importance of not forgetting those to whom we owe peace in our homes.

The first deputy of the "Gesture of support" public organization, Pavlo Smal, continued with greetings. He not only greeted everyone for the New Year and Christmas holidays but also offered a prayer for Ukraine, its soldiers, and all those in attendance. A family string ensemble delighted both children and adults with their exquisite musical performances.

After the concert, everyone present was invited to a sweet table, which brought joy to the children. The highlight of the celebration was the distribution of gifts, which were handed over to our children by the Ukrainian diaspora in America, collaborating with the "Helping Hand" organization and jointly implementing the project to support vulnerable children under the name "Your child is our child."

At the end of the event, the children collectively thanked the guests and invited them to future gatherings.