Unity vacation 2022

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In July, a regular "Unity" vacation for people with physical disabilities was held in Volyn near the city of Kovel

The vacation for the disabled was divided into three congresses. The first one was for people with musculoskeletal disorders, the second one was for deaf people, and the third one was for blind people. During the congress, which lasted more than one week, people with physical disabilities had the opportunity to participate in sports games, get to know each other, take various master classes, lessons, trainings and engage in other useful activities. Everyone had the opportunity to take part in a short skit or share their abilities and talents. Every evening, there were campfire socials with a delicious dinner.

This vacation for people with physical disabilities was special because it was held during the war. Understanding the challenges we had to work with and the problems that the campers came to us with, we gave everyone the opportunity to talk to church ministers, psychologists, and volunteers. Thanks to these conversations, the campers shared their anxieties and experiences, relieved their inner tension, and found peace and tranquility.

It was a unique time!