Honoring the Tireless Work of "Gesture of Support" Volunteers

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In our world, there are many heroes who don't wear capes. They don't seek attention and they don't wait for gratitude. They are the volunteers of "Gesture of Support". It is their relentless work, boundless generosity of spirit, and unbreakable belief in change that form the pillars of our society.

On International Volunteer Day, we pay tribute to these extraordinary individuals whose actions prove that big changes start with small steps. The Volyn Regional Council and Volyn Regional State Administration have recognized Igor Zablotsky, Olga Martynyuk, Halyna Samoylyk, Pavlo Smaly, Liliya Shumyk, and Kateryna Mykhalyuk with honorary certificates and letters of thanks for their tireless work and contribution to the development of our community.

Every volunteer embodies humanity and kindness, casting light into the darkest corners of our reality. Our volunteers have dedicated their time, efforts, and hearts to provide support to those in need. They set an example to follow, a testament that each of us can contribute to the common good.

So today, we celebrate their efforts and honor their incredible selflessness. Thank you, dear volunteers, for your work. You are not just doing good deeds — you are building a bridge to a better future for us all.