A new inclusive house for people with disabilities was built

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We are happy to share great news with you! The non-governmental organization "Gesture of Support" has taken an important step in improving the lives of people with disabilities - a new inclusive building has been built, which will become a place for recreation and events for this category of the population.

This modern building, located in (specify the location), was built thanks to community initiatives and donations. It was created with the aim of providing comfortable living and daily life for people with various types of disabilities, promoting their integration into society.

The "Unity" program, which will be implemented in this building, deserves special attention. Vacationers from this program will have the opportunity to enjoy rest and spend time in a cozy atmosphere, as well as participate in various activities and programs.

We are grateful GOD and  everyone who joined this project and provided their support. This inclusive house is another step towards creating a more accessible and equal society for all its members.